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In case you are looking for an alternative to your current email address, Dodo might be an option that you should consider. A Dodo Webmail account is a business-oriented email service that is specifically intended for businesses to use.

You can send, receive, and manage your emails in one convenient location using Dodo’s full email service, which is called Dodo Webmail. The email service known as Dodo Webmail has been developed with the needs of companies in mind.

This service is intended to assist companies in consolidating all of their information into a single location. No fee is charged for accessing it; users can do so from anywhere they can access the internet.

Here we will cover everything about the Dodo Webmail app, login and how to recover the password.

What exactly is the Dodo Webmail app?

Dodo is an email service that operates on the internet. Dodo Internet, an information technology services provider located in Sydney, is responsible for the design and development of Dodo Webmail.

what is dodo webmail

This service protects against viruses and provides users with spam filters, firewalls, and other security measures. In addition to that, you may use it to encrypt your data and disable advertisements. Dodo has an option that sorts your email into folders, making it simpler to locate messages and arrange them in a hierarchy.

How to Sign Up for Dodo Webmail Login Account?

Here are some of the crucial steps you need to go through to create an account with the Dodo Webmail app:

  • To start with, you first need to visit the official page of the Dodo Webmail app.
  • After that enter your username, password and email address.
  • To register, click the signup button.

How to Access Dodo Webmail Login Account

Webmail from may be accessible with various major online browsers and email applications, including Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Chrome.

If you wish to access your Dodo Webmail from a web browser, then you will need to enter the Dodo Webmail login page to do so. These procedures are as follows:

  • Launch your web browser and go to the link here.

dodo webmail account login

  • Type in Dodo email address.
  • Enter your webmail password.
  • Select “Login” from the menu to access your account.

Dodo Webmail Username and Password Recovery

If you have lost the password to your Dodo webmail account, you will need to change the password for your account to re-access your email.

To change the password for your webmail account, you will need to follow these instructions to reset the password for your account.

  • To access the website to reset the password for your Dodo account, click on the link provided above.

click on I forgot my details in mydodo login page

  • To retrieve your details, click on “I Forgot my details.”
  • Provide the email address associated with the account whose password you want to change.

reset dodo webmail login password

  • Once you’ve clicked on “Send EMAIL,” it will send you instructions on resetting your password through email or SMS.
  • Review the instructions for resetting your password sent to your secondary email address or through SMS when enrolled.

Dodo Webmail’s Core Functionality and Its Many Uses

Dodo webmail has certain fundamental functionality, such as composing a message, checking the messages in one’s inbox, and deleting messages. These will be examined in more depth by us.

  • Putting Together a Message
  • After successfully logging in to webmail, you will see a pen-like symbol at the top of the screen.
  • After you click on it, a new page will appear where you may put in your message and enter the recipient’s email address.

Performing a search of the inbox

Follow these steps to check your inbox for any new messages:

  • You will see an option labelled “Inbox” on the left-hand side of the primary page that displays your webmail.
  • To view the list of received messages, click on it.

Getting Rid of a Message

Please follow these instructions if you want to remove a message:

  • Gain access to the folder that contains the messages that you are going to delete.
  • To remove a message, select the message you no longer desire, then click the delete symbol at the top of your screen.

Deleting Multiple Messages

You can remove many messages at once by using the choices on the bottom left of the screen to choose all the messages you want to delete or just the one message you want to delete and then clicking on the Delete symbol to delete all of the news that was chosen.

Configuring Your Dodo Email Account with the Dodo Webmail Server

Dodo webmail has a unique configuration for its server. The following types of server configurations are supported by Dodo Mail: POP3, POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. You can set up as many as five accounts, each of which may receive email from any of these servers.

In addition to a single catch-all account, it is possible to set up two outgoing servers. You will be able to receive messages directly from the sender without having to travel through any other outgoing servers.

You can examine the server settings for your email account by going to the “Settings” section of this email service. Here, you can find both the receiving and sending mail servers there.

When configuring the settings for the server, there is one more aspect that must be taken into consideration: the mailbox quotas. Dodo webmail offers a free mailbox capable of holding 10 GB of data. You also have the option to upgrade your service plan to include more storage space or to enable the creation of a second mailbox using the same email address.

Dodo Webmail Issue / Problem

When using webmail, many of us need help with recurring problems, such as forgetting our passwords or losing access to our accounts. The most infuriating problem is when you can successfully log in to your Dodo webmail account, only to discover that your webmail needs to be fixed or able to send or receive emails. Users may need to get in touch with the Dodo Webmail support team at other times, even if there may be a simple solution to the problem at other times.

  • Make sure to check the firewall.

Suppose you are unable to receive/send an email. If this is the case, the connection may be blocked by a firewall, security, or anti-virus software running on the machine. This possibility may be eliminated by momentarily disabling the firewall and determining whether or not the user can send or receive email.

Because each software is unique, you need to get in touch with the seller or the manufacturer to learn how to disable the firewall.

If the preceding actions cannot resolve the issue, the connection in the user’s email account should be deleted and recreated.

Please note that deleting the mailbox configuration might result in losing all emails stored on the machine. Therefore, please consider making a backup of your emails before continuing with the process of recreating the connection.

  • Perform the test using webmail

If you still need to send or receive emails, use the following link to log in to your webmail account using the email address and password. Make an effort to send an email to yourself from this location. Select “Check Mail” from the menu. If you can send this email successfully, the problem rests with the email client installed on the PC.

Dodo Webmail Help

These technical issues and problems, connected to Dodo webmail, are frustrating and take up a lot of time. When this occurs, contact the Dodo recovery hotline in Australia at 1-800-875-274 for any aid or assistance you may need.


These are some valuable suggestions about the Dodo Webmail login on This Dodo Webmail article covers various topics, including password changes, the advantages of, the settings for Australia webmail.


How do you erase dodo email? requires you to log in before accessing the “Settings” page. After that, you may remove your account by clicking the option “Delete Account.”

How do we update the plan that has with Dodo?

Dodo Email or webmail user? Head on over to the settings page once you’ve logged in. To upgrade your account, use the “Upgrade My Account” option in the User Settings menu.

How do you log in to the Dodo webmail account?

  • Simply click on this link to access your Dodo webmail.
  • To log in to webmail, all you need to do is enter your email address and your password.

How do I change the password for my Dodo webmail account?

  • Sign in to My Dodo, then click the Account tab
  • Choose Personal Details from the drop-down box under Customer Information.
  • Make changes to your email address, password, or contact information here.
  • Remember to save the revised information you’ve gathered.

What effects will the revisions to Dodo’s plan have?

If you need to change your Dodo plan, you must log in to your My Dodo account, click the “Support Request” fast link, and then pick “I want to alter my plan” from the drop-down menu that appears.

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