Direct2hr Safeway Login – Albertsons Employee Portal Guide 2022

direct2hr safeway portal login

Direct2Hr Safeway Login – Albertsons Employee Login Portal

Direct2Hr Safeway Login – Direct2Hr is an online portal that is designed for employee benefits. This portal is developed by Albertson’s company using the Safeway for its employees.

This portal offers the important features and information to the employees. The benefits of this portal include accessing basic facilities such as pay stubs, checking the online Direct2Hr calendar and finding more details about the career choices.

By using the Direct2Hr Safeway HR, which is a direct portal for all services, the employees can easily check and view their pay stub details. They can also print pay stubs when they want a printed copy. Besides this, the users can access the details of the medical plans and dental plans. They can see if they are eligible for these plans or not. Further they can check more information for participation.

All the employees are able to login to portal using their user ID (i.e. [email protected]). You also need a valid password for login into your account on the portal.

What is Albertsons?

The Albertsons is a very popular chain of supermarkets that has operated in the USA since 1939. This store was first established by Joe Albertsons. Since then the company has increased its store number to 2,200 and the main head office is in Boise, Idaho, United States.

what is albertsons

Due to the amalgamation of the American Stores and Albertsons Inc. in 1999, the Albertsons store first came into existence. It was Cerberus Capital which at first acquired the company in 2013. Then in January 2015, this company got merged with another great  company Safeway Inc. The merger deal was of $9.2 billion at that time.

Now the stores total 2,253 and it was the 2nd largest grocery company in 2020 (in the 3rd quarter) in North America. The number one company at that time was Kroger.

This company operated in a total 38 states with 19 different banners. It also operated in Washington, DC. These 19 banners included the Vons, Tomb Thumb Food and Pharmacy, Pavilion, Safeway and Randall’s.

The other banners includes Lucky (famous in Nevada and California), Jewel-Osco, Save Mart Supermarkets (Northside of Nevada and California), ACME Markets (famous in Delaware and Pennsylvania), United Supermarket, Shaw/Star Market ( available in New England), Super Saver, Amigos, Carrs Market, ACME, Albertsons Market, and Safeway (famous in Alaska)

Albertsons Direct2HR Safeway Login Account Benefits

You will find so many great benefits of having an Direct2Hr Safeway login account and I have listed some of them below,

  • Checking paycheck, Balance available in the account payroll, checking details about the work schedules. Additionally checking the Direct2Hr Schedules for Safeway company.
  • All the employees use the portal to check the details about their pay stubs, tax-related details and all the major information about the deductions.
  • Employees are able to get instant approvals of Time Off.
  • Every employee can easily submit their request when they need time off and check if their colleagues have also submitted the request. The same thing they are able to do with their shift and with their trade using the services of the portal.
  • If you are an employee, you can view the W2 page and check the details about the wages that are tax deductible. You can find the details about the Federal Withholding, amount of refund for Direct Deposit refund. Checking the Holiday schedules of Albertsons. Further you can also check about the deductions of your account.
  • By using the Direct2HR portal membership, it becomes easier for you to access multiple portals such as WageWorks and other details such as Business Wellness program and other details.

What are the Direct2Hr Login Requirements

  • You must have valid address for Direct2Hr Login
  • Valid employee number or userID like [email protected] and valid Password.
  • Latest internet browser that is able to open the Direct2Hr Safeway portal.
  • Use mobile phones, computers or similar devices to open the portal.
  • High speed internet connection.

How to Login into the Direct2Hr Safeway Portal?

Use the below step in the perfect sequence in order to login to the Direct2Hr account online,

login into direct2hr safeway portal

  • By clicking this link, you will be able to access the or the official Direct2Hr login page.
  • In the blanks available, you must type your Employee number or your User Login ID.
  • After entering the details carefully, please click the Sign In button in order to access your online Direct2Hr account.

How to Reset Direct2Hr Safeway Login Password

Did you forget your password? Many employees do not remember or lose their password and it is a very commonly seen issue. So without worrying about it, please follow the below steps in the right order to reset the official password for Direct2Hr’s portal.

click here to open reset password page in direct2hr safeway portal

  • Below the login button on your display, you will see the option “Having login issues? Or Need to reset the password?” Now after that you can reset your password without any trouble.  Now tap on “here” button.

click on forgot password in direct2hr safeway login page

reset direct2hr safeway login password

  • Then in the next window, please input your email and your valid username. (if you are asked, then please resolve your captcha.
  • Now go on the next page.
  • You will obtain a code for the verification purpose on your registered email.
  • Then, put that code in the blanks and proceed ahead.
  • At last, you must create a new password for your Direct2HR account at Albertsons.

Direct2Hr Contact and Support

It is very common that you face issues with the Direct2Hr Login online website at I have listed down every single detail about resolving issues. So, if you obey the guidelines stated in this article, you can get access to your Direct2Hr login account. Now please use the below details to contact the customer support team.

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With the help of this article, I have tried to include all the important points that are related to the Direct2Hr Login procedure at the website. I have made sure to gather all the details that were necessary for the account. Direct2Hr Albertsons login and the official Direct2Hr portal both are very important for every single employee to learn about. They can learn more about the official website and resolve issues that you face with the contact and support details.

If you are interested to know more about this topic or tutorials and want to get more details about the Direct2Hr Employee Login step by step procedure. Kindly comment on the details and I will gladly help you out gladly.


I cannot locate the right website for Safeway Login. Please help me out.

If you are trying to locate the official Safeway Hr Direct website, then please click this link – Once you click this link, then you can easily access the Hr Direct Safeway website. Please do not be mistaken about the Safeway Insurance website which is a completely different website.

I lost my credentials to login to the Direct2Hr Albertsons portal.

If you do not have your credentials for accessing the Direct2Hr Albertsons portal online, then you can get help of Technology Support Center by calling at 1.877.286.3200

Is the Safeway Direct2Hr a safe portal for all to access?

Yes, it is safe. It has all the modern security embedded on the portal.

Why should I use the Albertsons Direct2Hr?

Employees can easily view their Direct2Hr Schedule, the details about Direct2Hr Payroll, and other details such as tax related information, details about W2s, tax related details, etc.

Where can I inquire more about the Safeway Payroll?

To inquire more about the Direct2Hr Safeway Login payroll details, please use the Employee Resource Center. You need to contact the official Service Desk number by dialing 877.286.3200. You can ask for any information to the Direct2Hr Safeway Payroll.

How to access the Direct2Hr Safeway Schedule? What is the Direct2Hr Schedule Login official website link?

For Safeway Schedule Login, please open this website link And now please tap on the “Login” button. Now on the Direct2Hr Schedule Albertsons Employee Login page, please type your user login or employee number. Then please enter your password. After adding those, please click the Login button to access the Direct To Hr Safeway Schedule.

Can someone else login to Direct 2 Hr Safeway?

The company advises you not to share your Albertsons Safeway Login. You must not give your Safeway Employee Login details to any of your fellow employees, friends, or family to avoid unnecessary harm to your system. The Direct2Hr Safeway Login  is only for you and you only. If anything happens then your personal account information will be in danger or there will be a fear of theft.

How do I check my paystub with Albertson Employee Login?

Login to the website using your login credentials, and check the Paystub Menu on the top right corner, tap on View pay stub, select your desired duration, in weeks or months, then tap enter.

What can I buy on Direct2Hr Acme?

There are a lot of options you can choose from, like meal plans, exclusives, celebrations, Summer dishes etc. check out on their website what deals they have.

What is the official link of My Schedule Safeway Login?

Please check out the link below :

How do I contact Hr Direct Albertsons main office?

You can dial – 208.395.6200 to connect to the main office.

How do I reach the H-R department of Direct To Hr Albertsons?

If you are not authorized user and still are trying to access the portal then you might need assistance of HR department, for that, you may dial: 877.286.3200.

Do I get any additional advantages except Albertsons Login Payroll?

Yes, there are so many advantages for the employees apart from the high pay.

How can I get a Day off from Hrdirect Vons?

Vacations improve the mental and physical health  of the employee and thus are very important. So, in case you are looking for a day to rest and come back the next day with enthusiasm, you have to submit an official leave request to either the HR department or your department head.

Can I change the password of Albertsons Login My Schedule?

When you open the official website of Albertsons Login My Schedule, you will see a forgot password option, using that, you can change the password of your account.

Provide me with the link to the Safeway Employee Resource Center.

Please check below:

Am I eligible to get any discount apart from Safeway Paystubs?

If you have passed your probation period and are holding an Airmiles Card, you can get a discount from 5% to 15% depending upon the stores and categories.

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