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Desiflix – If you like watching web series, then for this you will find many online platforms which provide the facility to watch online web series. But most of the platforms are paid and to watch web series here you have to buy its subscription. Today in this post, we are going to tell you about a website from where you can download any web series for free. Here you can download Ullu web series, Gupchup, Rabit movies, Kooku, Hot Shots, adult web series and other types of movies. Do read this post till the last so that you can get complete information about downloading movies or web series from this website.

In today’s time, internet is useful for us in many ways. Where big business and work is being managed easily with the help of internet, the same internet has become a good means of entertainment for the people today. People are also getting internet data at a very cheap price, due to which all kinds of people are easily able to afford it. Many times people are unable to make full use of the internet data limit, so they want to download or watch web series online.

Desiflix download adult web series free

There are many big companies like Ullu, Alt Balaji and many other companies to watch online web series. Most of these companies produce the web series by themselves and upload it on their platform. To watch web series from its platform, you have to buy their monthly or yearly subscription. There are many pirated websites from where you can download any web series for free. In this post we are going to tell you about Desiflix.

Desiflix 2023

Desiflix has a large collection of web series and here you will find web series from different platforms. Although only web series and TV serials are uploaded on this website, but sometimes latest movies are also uploaded. You will easily find web series of many big OTT platforms here. It allows users to download content in different quality.

This is a pirated website that illegally leaks content online. Because of this, big companies like Alt Balaji, Ullu, Kooku, Primehsots, Vooi , etc. suffer huge losses. Because these companies produce web series by spending money but it is freely distributed to the people on pirated website.

On this website you can download web series of different genre. Apart from this, you can download premium content in multi resolutions like 480p, 720p, 1080p. Apart from this, the options of multiple servers will be available here for content downloading.

Desiflix Web Series Download

Website Name Desiflix
Used to Download latest web series
Types Adult 18+, Thriller, Crime, Action
Cost to download? Free of cost
Is it legal? No, It is illegal
Website link

About Desiflix

As we told earlier that desiflix is ​​an online pirated website from where people can download or watch any web series for free. You will mainly find erotic content on this website. If you want to download Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian movies, then for this you can visit Associated website like Bollyflix.

Such websites are called pirated websites because these people freely distribute pirated content on their sites. Downloading movies from pirated websites is illegal according to Indian law. Therefore, if you download any content from a website like desiflix, then you will legally come under the category of a criminal. 

Desiflix Web Series Types

In today’s time, there are many online platforms which produce content by themselves and upload it on their platform. There are many platforms in India which mostly make web series of erotic and drama type. On Desiflix, you will get all the premium content of Ullu, Alt Balaji, Eightshots, Gupchup, Hotshots, etc. which you can easily download for free. People who want to download Bollywood movies can visit its associated website like Bollyflix.

How to download web series from Desiflix?

Many people would like to download movies from desiflix website, then let us tell you that this is a pirated website and downloading any content from such website is considered illegal. That’s why we recommend you to watch or download web series legally. Information about watching or downloading the web series in a legal way has been given below in the post. At present, we are going to know the process of downloading any web series from desiflix for the purpose of information.

For this, first of all you should know about the latest URL of Desiflix. Because its URL is banned by the government department. After visiting its website, you will see the list of latest uploaded web series on the homepage. In the top you will see the list of categories or you can search the series of your choice.

When you click on any web series, you will come to a new page. Here you will see some screenshots and details of the web series. After scrolling down you will see Download Linux. Here you will click on the download option according to the quality. After this you will be able to watch or download web series from mirror host site.

Not able to download videos from desiflix com?

If you visit a pirated website for the first time, then you may have trouble downloading the web series. Because content is often hosted on other servers. When people click on the download option, many steps have to be followed. There are popup ads in it which are quite annoying. So if you are facing any problem in downloading, then click on “ How to Download ” option in the download page, then you will get step wise information.

Why Desiflix website is not working or opening?

If you are trying to visit the desiflix website but it is not opening or the URL is not working, then let us tell you that the URL has been blocked by the government department. Now you will not be able to access this URL in India. You will need to use a VPN to access the website. Due to copyright claim, the government bans such websites because these people distribute pirated content. But these people change their URL and make the website live again. If the link is not working then you can access through VPN. Or you can join its official Telegram channel where you will get the latest link information.

Desiflix Latest URL

We are telling you about some working domains of Desiflix. Some of these URLs are still working, but they will also be banned very soon. If you want to know about the latest domain of desiflix, then you can join its official Telegram channel.

Latest Web Series Leaked by Desiflix

You can download all the latest web series in original quality. We are telling you about the recently uploaded web series.

  • The Island (Season 1)
  • Pyaasi Dulhan 2
  • Sambandh (Season 1)
  • L… Lag Gaye (Season 1)
  • Love Guru (Season 1)
  • Pichese (Season 2)
  • Flat Screen (Season 1)
  • Seducation
  • Big Boobs GirlFriend Download
  • Sex Party
  • Roomate (Season 1)
  • The Sound of Forests (Season 1)
  • Boss X – Day 2
  • Farebi
  • laborer’s wife
  • Phoolwa
  • Dil – Do (Season 1) Ullu Originals
  • Pihu & Tina (Day 1 and Part 2)
  • Boss X House Night Fight & Fun

Is Desiflix Safe?

This question often comes in people’s mind whether it is safe to download movies from Desiflix or not? If you also want to know about it, then let us tell you that Desiflix is ​​a pirated website and there are many risks in downloading movies from here. Pirated movies and web series are uploaded on websites like Desiflix and distributed for free. That is, these people leak the movie online without the legal permission of the filmmaker. That’s why pirated website is considered illegal in India. If you download a movie from such a website, then you can come under the legal net.

Apart from this, the main income source of pirated website is advertisement. These people use multiple advertising networks to earn more money. A large number of popup ads are used on this type of website which can be quite annoying for the users. When the user clicks anywhere on the website, he gets redirected to an unknown website. Many times viruses enter your system due to popup ads which can hack your system.

Do we recommend Desiflix?

The content of most OTT platforms is uploaded on Desiflix. If you can download web series of many OTT platforms for free from this website. If you download a movie from an OTT platform, then you will have to subscribe to it. But on Desiflix you will get to download OTT of almost all popular OTT platforms for free. In this you will get to download erotic content. You can download the content of OTT platforms like Cinema dosti, Fliz movies, Feneo Movies, Ullu Movies, Eightshots, Gupchup Exclusive, Hotshots, Kooku for free from here.

A website like Desiflix uploads any content on its website without the permission of its owner. That’s why we do not advise you to download web series from such websites. You are requested to download the content from its official website only. There are many types of risks by downloading content from such websites. Due to copyright, this website has also been closed many times, but these people come back after pointing the site to the new domain.

Desiflix App Videos Download

On this website you will get to see videos of many online OTT platforms. You can download the content of apps like Big Movie Zoo, Hot Masti, Kindibox, I-Entertainment, M-Prime, Netdik, Masti Movies, Rabbit Movies for free from this website. You will get the link of multiple servers to download any content from here. Most of the erotic content is found on this website and for those who want to download Hot Desi Videos, Adult Series, this website is a good option.


In this post, we have tried to provide complete information about Desiflix in detail. We do not advise you to download content from such pirated websites. Because these people distribute the content illegally, which causes a lot of damage to the original content owner. We recommend you to watch the content from the original website or app. If you want to download free movies online, then definitely read the post related to it.

FAQs Regarding “Desiflix Online Webseries Download Free”

What is desiflix?

Desiflix is a torrent website where you can download free web series and tv shows.

What types of content Desiflix Offer?

Mostly Erotic, Hot Videos, Adult Video, 18+ Shows are available on this website.

Is desiflix safe?

No, these people leak content illegally and accessing such websites is very risky.

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