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DC Connect Login

DC Connect is an online LMS or Learning Management System which helps the students of the Durham College to securely access the materials for study, communicate with the students and teachers and provide their unique feedback on topics. The students can easily submit the assignments they are allotted and also take different quizzes.

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DC Connect offers the Homeroom classes to the students and it is powered by D2L or Desire2Learn.

Since it is a college online website, you can use it  on campus any time you wish.

How Can I Login in DC Connect Portal?

Please use the simple steps in order to access the Durham College Learning Management System (LMS). 

click on quick links in durham college website

  • Now find the Quick Links and click it.

select dc connect in durham college website

  • Please select the DC Connect option.


login to dc connect portal

  • In the blank, you must enter your Banner ID or Student ID.
  • Then please type your Network password.
  • After that, you have to just click Sign In to access your account.
  • Now you have successfully accessed your LMS Dashboard. Now select the correct course which will be available under “My Courses”.

What can you access using DC Connect Login at Durham College?

The Durham College’s Learning Management System is the easiest way the students can access many benefits. They can easily check their grades, check the outlines of the course, access the slides of the lecture, and other important news and content shared directly by the professors or instructors.

The portal provides students a messaging platform that is course related and you can use this to communicate with your classmates and your professors.

So basically, it works just like online HomeRoom or ClassRoom. So you can easily login as many times as you can to stay updated with the course related updates and news.

What is MyCampus?

MyCampus is the central information hub that specifically works for the administrative, academic and other extracurricular events of the college,

All the students can easily access the documents they want and other services. They can change the details of their personal details, access the registration information, records and also the payment options.

How to Reset DC Connect Login Password

To successfully reset the DC Connect portal password, you must follow the below steps in the right sequence,

click on change password in dc connect

  • Now, click on change password option.

enter verification code and click on submit

  • Enter verification code in the box and click on submit button.

enter required details to reset dc connect login password

  • Finally, add required information like Banner/Student ID, Old Password, New password, confirm new password and click on submit to reset dc connect login password

How to Reset my DC Connect Password/PIN?

Your password is very important for you to use. So please if you want to reset it for some reason, please follow the below steps,

reset dc connect password or pin

  • Now you must enter your Student ID / MyCampus ID.
  • Please click the Next button now.
  • You have successfully changed your DC password.

Note: By following these steps, you will not reset the password for your Email i.e. DC Mail or your UOIT.net or your DC Connect Learning Management System or even Blackboard.

How to Login to Durham College Mail?

Please follow the step by step procedure to login to the Durham College Mail,

login to durham college mail account

  • Now in the blank, please type the Banner ID or Student ID.
  • Enter your correct Network Password.
  • Click now the Sign In button.

Contact Details 

In case you need any help for DC Connect Login, password reset or any other, use the DC connect contact information provided below,

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I sure hope that this article has been helpful for you to access the services of DC My Campus. Share your suggestions or ideas related to this article, please use the below section of comment. 


Is my D2L Durham a good portal for student?

D2L or Desire2Learn helps the students in focusing the study so that they can learn more. With the DC Connect Durham portal, the students can access all the important features such as assignment submission, messaging and accessing all the latest updates from the DC Connect My Campus. They can also benefit from the Durham College Mail using their accurate DC Connect Sign In details.

What are the basic facilities of Mycampus Durham College for students?

The students get to access the DC Mail via the DC Mail Ca website. They can access the DCConnect portal. Further, they can use all the self-service benefits.

How to login to Blackboard Uoit Login portal?

For accessing the Uoit Mycampus, you must follow the below step in the right order,

  • First you open the website https://learn.ontariotechu.ca/
  • Then type your Student/Banner ID
  • Then your correct Network Password.
  • After that click the button Sign In.

After the above steps of Blackboard Uoit Login, you can access your Uoit Mycampus Durham. I hope you have your Blackboard UOIT DC Login details with you.

Is the website https://mail.uoit.net/ correct to access the DCmail Login page?

Yes you can also access the DCmail Login using the above address.

I am facing issues accessing the Uoit Blackboard Login portal

Some students have already reported this issue that they are facing problems with the Uoit Blackboard Login. Immediately you must inform/report to your study instructor or your authority.

Which browser should I use to access Durham College Course Outlines?

So they must use their Durham College My Campus Login on the browsers such as Safari or Mozilla Firefox. The students are requested to contact the Durham College Number 905.721.3333 or try to switch the browser. Majorly the problem is faced by the Durham Login for employees. So the students or employees must access the portal with Firefox browser or with Safari.

How can I do Durham College Registration?

You can register online, with a student number or password pin. Please find more info Click Here

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