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CVS Learnet Login

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In today’s article, we will see all the major details about CVS learnet. Who can use this CVS Learnet, and the complete guide of login into CVS learnet?

So shall we start our article about CVS learnet?

What is CVS Learnet Login?

CVSLearnet is an online portal for the employees of CVS pharmacy, through this portal the employees can get training and also can update themselves by checking various information.

what is cvs learnet

All the employees of CVS pharmacy must know the login procedure of learnet CVS login, as these details will help them to get access to various training and other learning modules.

Apart from the learning perspective, CVSLearnet also provides great deals to their employees, keep reading this article further, to know what are they!

CVSLearnet online web portal is among the top portals, providing valuable guidance, knowledge, and the tracking system for some details.

About CVS

Let us see, what CVS is actually?

CVS is a Pharma company in the USA. CVS  is among the subsidiary companies of the American retail and health care company, which was founded by Sidney Goldstein, Stanly Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland in the year 1963.

about cvs pharmacy

The Headquarters of CVS company is located at Woonsocket, which is in Rhode Island.

The name CVS came from the Consumer Value Store, and earlier it was known by that only.

You might be wondering why it is a consumer value store, that is because this store sells over-the-counter drugs, cosmetics, beauty products, greeting cards, seasonal merchandise, convenience food, film, and photo finishing services along with medicinal drugs.

They also sell all these products online via

Being a proud CVS employee, you need to login into CVS Portal to gain more knowledge and level up your skills through various educational sessions. For learnet CVS login, you will require its login credentials and other things. let us check the requirements for a login.

CVS Learnet Login Requirements

You will require the following things for successful login into CVS Portal:

  • CVS learnnet official web address:
  • Learnet Username
  • Learnet Password
  • Internet connection with good speed
  • Personal Computer, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.

How To Login CVS Learnet Employee Portal

The employees need to follow the below-mentioned steps to avail themselves of access to CVS learnet.

login to cvs learnet online portal

  • You will land on the learnet CVS login page
  • Kindly type – username and type – password in the provided blanks spaces,
  • Press the Login button for CVS portal access.

CVS Password Reset Guide

Don’t you remember your learnet login, do not worry, we will explain how to reset your lost password in the CVS password reset procedure.

click on self-service password reset to change cvs login password

  • Please click on self-service password reset.
  • Next, click on Reset Forgot password.
  • Next, fill in your user detail and click on NEXT Button.

Follow the further instructions and your password will be changed.

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CVS Learnet Login Help & Contact Information

There are two contact numbers, one while you are in store and needed some guidance, kindly call on 855-280-4872, another while you are away from the store, at that time kindly contact on 866-528-7272.

If you want to reach to them then visit them at:

CVS Headquarters, One CVS Dr. Woonsocket, RI 02895.


Well, we thank you for reading our article with attention about the CVS Login portal. We have tried to cover all the points that you need to know about starting from the login, employee portal, learning advantages, requirements, sign-in procedure, password reset, and contact details about the CVS Learnet.


How many employees work at CVS Pharmacy?

Around 203,000 employees are working at CVS pharmacy.

Where this company is spread?

CSV is present in around 9600 locations as per the 2016 data.

What is’s online presence?

Their online domain was attracted by 26 million website visitors yearly.

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