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CUIMS is Chandigarh University student portal from India. Meaning of CUIMS is Chandigarh University Information Management System.

The CUIMS student portal allows you to see all the updates, announcements and news about the study. This portal allows you to check your attendance and status about the University Information Management System or UIMS.

In this article, I will teach you exactly how you can login to the Chandigarh University Login system like CU LMS login, CUCHD Blackboard Login and uims.cuchd. So read this article if you have any confusion with the login or accessing the features of the portal.

How to Login to CUIMS Portal

Please follow the steps to access Chandigarh University Login portal,

select student login option in cuims portal

  • Locate the Student Login option.

login to cuims portal

  • Now please type your User ID / UID.
  • Now tap on Next button.
  • Then please provide your password.
  • Success! You can now access your Student Home Dashboard.

What is the CUIMS ID?

The Student’s CUIMS ID is the official login ID that is given to the students and the faculty members by the University’s Management. This login ID useful to access the CUCHD Blackboard and CU LMS along with other logins at the Chandigarh University.

If you are a new or old student, you must have your Unique Login ID and a secure password. It is compulsorily given by the university. The official CUIMS ID is your registration number also. This number starts with the Year, Course and then Registration.

It is also possible for you to download the Chandigarh University Management System android app. This app is accessible through Google Play. It will help you access the student portal using your mobile. The app is not as good as the portal but it works well for the purpose.

About Chandigarh University

Chandigarh University is an Indian university located at Mohali, Punjab. This is a private university. The university was first established in 2012.

about chandigarh university

Chandigarh University gives different programs and degrees to post-graduate, undergraduate, and also the doctorate degrees. The fields it covers are engineering, computing, tourism, legal studies, media studies, multimedia and animation, education, pharma science, cognitive science, biotechnology, commerce, agriculture science, architecture, liberal arts and other basic sciences.

What is CU LMS Login?

The CU LMS is the official student portal that is offered by the Chandigarh University. For using this Learning Management, you must open the link Once your admission is confirmed for any program. Then you need to access the CU LMS with your University Registration Number or Roll number as your official username and your password.

Like the Blackboard system, the CU LMS or Chandigarh University Learning Management System is developed by thinking about the different requirements and needs of the users and considering the scope for the experts for planning and then using the e-content and the delivery.

If case you are having trouble with any of the steps, please use the helpline assistance number – 1800-1212-88800

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CUIMS is the portal where you can access all the basic facilities of Chandigarh University. If you are a student at the university, you will be provided the login details of CU LMS and the CU IMS portal. If you are facing any trouble with your CUIMS Login or portal, please send me your comments, I will help you.


What is the NAAC Rating?

The official rating of the University is A+.

What is the web URL for Blackboard CUIMS?

To access CUIMS Blackboard, you must use this Cuchd Blackboard link

Is the CUIMS Login secure?

Yes, It is secure  and do not worry about the data security.

Is Cuchd Login safe to access on mobile?

The Uims Cuchd portal is secure to access on the mobile. The portal link CUIMS Cuchd is the official way you can login to the portal. The portal Cumis Chandigarh University offers safer and more secure access to all the resources of the university.

Is it compulsory to have Uims Blackboard access?

To access the Classrooms Chandigarh University, you must use CUIMS In Login to access the facilities on the CUIMS Cuchd In portal. CUIMS Log In is compulsory to study and interact.

Is the Chandigarh University Management System good?

The university offers the best possible study environment and CUIMS.Blackboard facility. This can be accessed by using Chandigarh University Student Login. The official CUIMS Chandigarh allows the students to access multiple study options and access all the study and classroom materials at Uims.Blackboard.

I am not able to open the link Https //Cuchd.Blackboard.Com Login.

Please check your Chandigarh University Blackboard Login credentials. Are they accurate? If you added CUIMS Login Blackboard correctly then there must be a server error. Check your internet as well if it is working fine and then try to use CUIMS.Login.

I forgot my password for CUIMS Login Chandigarh University.

The CUIMS Chandigarh University Login is the official way you can connect. If for some reasons, you are not able to access the Cumis Chandigarh portal or Cumis Chandigarh University Login, then please contact the instructor or support team.

When will I get my Chandigarh University Management System Login? I already enrolled.

If you have not received your Blackboard CUIMS Login to use on Portal Cuidol In, then please try to contact the support team or your instructor / professor to access the CUIMS Student Login portal.

Is the Www.CUIMS.In Login portal not working?

The CUIMS.In portal is working fine. The CUIMS.Cuchd portal is also working just fine.

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