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Have you shopped at Cracker Barrel lately? Then don’t miss out on taking the Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey Guide at The Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey has been designed to gauge the experience of customers when they buy products at the store. The Cracker Barrel Survey at is easy to take and to know more about how to be a part of this Cracker Barrel survey, there are a number of important points that need to be kept in mind.

Cracker Barrel Guest Satisfaction Survey Details

Survey Prize Rocking Chair or $100 Gift Card, Winner’s Choice
Mail-in Entry Limit Unlimited
Online Entry Limit 1 Receipt Survey Per Week
Purchase Required? None
Entry Methods Mail, Online Entry Periods

The Cracker Barrel Survey Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”) begins at 12:00:01 AM Central Time (“CT”) on January 1, 2022 and ends at 11:59:59 PM CT on June 30, 2022 (the “Sweepstakes Period”).

Survey Period Entry Period Start Date: 12:00:01 AM ET on Entry Period End Date: 11:59:59 PM ET on Mail-In Entry Received By Date Survey Period Drawing Date: on or about
1 09/01/22 09/30/22 02/07/20 02/10/20
2 10/01/22 10/31/22 03/07/20 03/10/20
3 11/01/22 11/30/22 04/07/20 04/10/20
4 12/01/22 12/31/22 05/08/20 05/11/20
5 01/01/23 01/31/23 06/07/20 06/10/20
6 02/01/23 02/28/23 07/07/20 07/10/20

About Cracker Barrel Store and the Cracker Barrel Survey

Cracker Barrel is a country store that is located in the United States of America and which provides customers with a wide range of products to choose from, all of which are made available at competitive prices.

The Cracker Barrel store is situated in the southern part of the country and it was established for the very first time by a man by the name of David Evans in the year of 1969. The first store of Cracker Barrel was opened in Lebanon in the American state of Tennessee and over the years, it has also established a number of corporate offices in this part of America.

The site exists to help customers provide their feedback about the type of experience they have had when shopping at the store. The site is quite easy to navigate and can be accessed at all hours of the day. The guest easy is not time consuming. The guest survey is not complicated either and can be taken by any and every person who is well versed in English and who has shopped at the store at least once.

Why take the Cracker Barrel Survey?

As mentioned above, the Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey on is one that has been conceived with the ulterior motive of getting to know how pleased or displeased customers are with the products that Cracker Barrel has to offer on

There are no strict rules and regulations that have to be adhered to when participating in the crackerbarrel-survey. The crackerbarrel-survey can be undertaken at any given time of the year. It is worthwhile to point out in this respect that Cracker Barrel specializes in the provision of high quality home cooked meals which customers can procure in the event that they are not going to be cooking at home and they do not want to opt for takeaway food.

Cracker Barrel provides people in the United States of America especially those who lead working lives and who feel too tired to cook once they reach home, with the wonderful option of buying home cooked meals, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The home cooked meals sold at Cracker Barrel are quite sumptuous and cater to various types of taste buds and palettes, making Cracker Barrel quite a popular choice for people who are on the lookout for takeaway food but who do not wish to buy anything sold at a fast food joint in order to ensure and maintain good health.

The official website provides customers with the scope to vent their experiences gained at the store. On official website you can state how good or bad your experience was when shopping at this store online or at one of the physical stores.

  • The Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction survey gives the store authorities an idea of how happy or unhappy customers are with the food that is being made available to them at the store, both online as well as the physical Cracker Barrel stores.
  • At the very least, the customer satisfaction survey on is one that puts store authorities in a position to understand where it is and how it is that improvements have to be introduced so as to ensure the satisfaction and happiness of customers all around the year.
  • Customers who are not too pleased with what they have procured recently or in the distant past from Cracker Barrel can use the customer satisfaction as a platform on to express their true sentiments or emotions in this respect.
  • The feedback that they provide will in turn give the store managers or administrators an idea of what needs to be changed, or removed and done away with, so as to ensure complete satisfaction of customers all around the year.

Eligibility for Taking Part in the Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey on

  • In order to be eligible for taking part in the Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey, it is imperative for customers to have made a purchase at the store.

They will have to have a store purchase receipt in hand which will include a small token number which they will have to insert after logging onto the survey site, in order for the survey to begin.

  • The Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey can be undertaken on the official website only by individuals who are eighteen years of age or older and who are citizens of the United States of America.

It is also imperative that they have fluency in the English language in order for them to be able to respond to the survey questions with the promptness and the accuracy that is expected of them.

  • People who participate in the Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey cannot be working at the store in any given capacity.

Neither can they be closely related to anyone working at the Cracker Barrel Stores in the USA. If such persons are found to be taking part in the survey, they will be disqualified automatically.

How To Take the official Cracker Barrel Survey?

  • The first step that needs to be taken when participating in the Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey is to log onto the survey website.
  • The participant then has to enter the token number which is mentioned on the receipt of the last purchase made at the store in order for the survey to be initiated.
  • The next step will be to answer in a slow and steady fashion all of the questions that are asked of the participant during the survey.
  • It is expected that participants will be transparent when answering the survey questions in order for the feedback to be perceived as a genuine feedback and in order for this feedback to truly benefit the store.
  • Once the survey has been completed, participants will be given the opportunity to take part in a contest and win a lot of exciting prizes that includes cash prizes as well. The participation in the contest is voluntary in nature and it can position survey takers to win a lot of exciting prizes or money in a quick span of time.

Cracker Barrel Survey at Video Guide 2022.

Steps for Taking Part in the Cracker Barrel Guest Survey over the Phone

The Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey is also one that can be taken over the phone. For this, the steps that have to be taken are as follows –

  • There is a phone hotline number that customers have to call up on in order to participate in the survey, on 800-467-0047
  • The person at the other end of the line is going to ask the survey participant to verify a number of details so as to ensure that the customer is an authentic customer and that the survey participation is real.
  • The survey questions will then be posed to the survey participant in the medium of the English language and which he or she will have to answer patiently, one by one.
  • The survey questions will then be posed to the survey participant in the medium of the English language and which he or she will have to answer patiently, one by one.
  • While answering the survey questions over the phone, participants are expected to be as honest and as transparent as possible in terms of the answers that they provide.

Thus, the process of participating in the Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey is quite easy and convenient and there are terrific prizes including cash prizes that you can end up winning, if you choose to participate in the contests that they will be invited to, once the crackerbarrel-survey has been completed. The Cracker Barrel guest survey also provides you with the scope of expressing your dissent or concerns about the products that you have recently purchased from the store, giving the store considerable opportunity to improve upon the quality of their goods and services in the future. There are no complications that are associated with the survey and it can be taken at any given time of the year, both in the summer and in the winter seasons. The only criteria that has to be met in order for this survey to be taken is for you to have shopped at the Cracker Barrel store in the recent past, as you will have to produce details of  your last purchase prior to being sanctioned the right to participate in the survey.

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