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Cordant Security Portal – Cordant Portal Login

In this article, I will help you with the exact steps to login to the Cordant Security Portal? If you want to access your payslips details and check your work schedule, then you must access the Cordant Portal. With this article, you can login without facing any trouble.

Cordant Security is a high-security provider company of the UK. Cordant Security helps businesses by providing guard security in the UK. The Cordant Group offers security services to the independent businesses through its dedicated team and always set new security industry benchmarks for delivery of the services.

Cordant Employee Portal is an online portal where the security colleagues can easily login or register with their basic personal details. If you have just joined Cordant Security, then this article will help you guide exactly how to register or use Cordant Staff Portal login credentials.

The group first came into 1957 and since then their commitment is to provide highest quality security service and management and resolve any threat for the clients. Cordant has experience exceeding 60 years and has staff members above 50,000. Today, it has fully supported more than 200 clients all across the United Kingdom.

With these many employees working at the company, it needs a Cordant Employee Portal to manage them all. This portal allows them to manage their personal work details and get other benefits. 

Benefits & features of Cordant Security Portal?

cordant security employee portal

The Cordant company’s security portal is the best in class for the development and coordination of its employees. There are many other features that all the team members, employees and colleagues get from the portal. Please read them below,

  • Cordant Security helps employees to access the Pay information such as Payslip, Personal details, work timing and hours, bonus details.
  • With Cordant Security Portal, the employees can check and download their payslip details and history safely.
  • This portal helps in easily tracking the records of the employees and knowing about the payment structure.
  • Employees save time and their energy to access the personal profile and work details.
  • Cordant Security Portal home page provides all the registration links and helps in the overall login process. It also helps in resetting the password. 

Cordant Security Employee Portal Login – Step By Step Procedure

The access of the Cordant Security Employee Portal is limited to only the colleagues or employees of the Cordant Security. The employees can access the details of their work timing, work schedule, bonus, personal details, payslip information, and their bonus related details. Please follow the steps provided below,

  • Open the official Cordant Portal page link at
  • Now the next step is to access the Cordant Security Login official page.
  • Please provide your official username and valid password.
  • After the above simple steps, please click the Login button.
  • Now you have the main page the Cordant Security Portal. Now check the information you want.

How to Reset Cordant Security Employee Portal Login Password?

The employees, colleagues or team members are given the Cordant Security login password. If you forgot the password after the registration or later, I will help you reset your password step by step.

To successfully reset your password for Cordant Employee Portal, please follow the below given steps,

  • Open the Cordant Portal at
  • Now please access the password reset form. 
  • Then please enter your portal username, then click Submit.
  • Now you will have to reset your password following the steps using email instructions.

Cordant Payslip Login – Check Payslip on Cordant Security Employee Portal

If you want to check your Payslip online on the official Cordant Security Employee Portal for checking the official salary report or payment details, please follow the below steps.

  • Open the official Cordant Portal –
  • Access the official home page, please Sign In to the portal.
  • Insert your UserID, password, company details, then token details.
  • Go to the option Sign In option.
  • Now you will have access to your payslip online. 

How to Sign Up on Cordant Security Employee Portal

Create a new Cordant Security Portal account if you don’t have one. You need to complete the process of registration by entering basic details such as Name, your Date of Birth,  your Employee Pin, Postal Code and then finally provide your National Insurance number.

Please complete the registration by following the below simple steps.

  • Open the official Cordant Security Portal at
  • Now find the option – Register and click on it.
  • Provide your first name, Birthdate, employee Pin number, then postcode and then finally National Insurance Number. 
  • Complete the Cordant Security Portal account creation process by clicking on Submit.

Cordant Portal Contact Support

When you are accessing the Cordant Security Portal, if you face any trouble then you immediately need to resolve it. Please use below contact details to help you out.

What is Cordant?

Cordant is a part of Cordant Group which was established in 1957. Corden Group has become the leader in the security industry by providing the best security services. Now along with security, the company has started cleaning services in the U.K.

cordant security services

It has above 50,000 staff members that support 200 clients and more in the United Kingdom. The company has 3 distinct divisions; Cordant Cleaning service, Cordant Security and Cordant Special Cleaning.


Explain about Cordant.

Cordant group is providing Extranet Advance Security in the UK. The business of providing security services is operated independently. Since its establishment in 1957, it is committed to providing high security management service to its customers.

How to restore my Cordant Employee Portal Login password?

Click the link for – “Recovery password” on the portal to get your password reset.

I am not able to open – Epp Cordantservices Com. Why?

It might be some technical issue, or the company might have shut down the website. The reason is not yet known, you may try checking after some time or contact the support number provided.

What can I do on Advance Security Employee Portal?

On the portal – Epp.Cordantservices.Com you can manage your work, personal data, Paystub, bonus, working hours and many more without visiting the office.

Cordant Security Application Form includes what details?

While applying or doing registration on Cordant portal for the first time, you need to fill out some personal information, like contact details and residential address.

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