Clever DPSCD Login at

Clever DPSCD Login

Are you trying to access the official Clever DPSCD Login portal of the Detroit Public Schools Community District at Have you found any success yet? If not then this is the perfect article that you can refer to and find all the necessary information required to access the online Clever Portal.

clever dpscd student login

Whenever you feel like the Student Portal Detroitk12 link or Clever DPSCD login link does not work then you can visit my article. I always make sure that you get the top working link and that is why I update all the links. So, after reading my article, you will not need to visit any other place.

Now in this article I have included all key steps about the college, requirements, login, password details, contact details and finally FAQs that would cover all the details that you would want to know about.

All the possible solutions are available with me about this website and therefore I want you to pay closer attention to every single detail that I provide you.

What is DPSCD?

DPSCD is a frequently used abbreviation for Detroit Public Schools Community District, This community district is the largest public education system in Michigan.

what is dpscd

There is a board of 7 locally elected members who run this system. The people are very clear about what they want to do to approach any child’s growth. The academics and courses that are taught in this school include topics that are social and emotional  that grow your child both internally and externally. The school also provides the extracurricular activities and the best health services for every single student’s needs.

The school has one mission and that is to empower students of the community and build a stronger Detroit.

Clever DPSCD is an online portal for the students to access and find all the necessary details about the progress. The students as well as their parents can use their login to check upon the overall study and other details. Parents and students both have different access.

Before we move on to the Clever Login DPSCD process, let me briefly explain to you about the requirements for the login.

Clever DPSCD Login Requirements

  • Valid Clever Dpscd Student Login username and password.
  • Valid address for students to access –
  • Latest internet browser version
  • High internet speed
  • PC, Laptop or similar device. Smartphones may also work.

How to Clever DPSCD Login at

Please find the below steps useful in order to access the Clever portal.

login to clever dpscd student portal

  • Now on the page, you have three options for login.
  • Now please go with the option “a” from the above options.
  • It will open a login page of Microsoftonline.
  • First please provide your email.
  • After that you must click the “Next” button.
  • Follow the next steps and you will complete the login.

How to Reset Clever DPSCD Login Password

If you have forgotten your password then you cannot access your Clever DPSCD account. In that case, you must get a new password by resetting it. Use the following steps,

click on cant access your account option

  • Please locate the “Can’t access your account?” option and click the link.

click on work or school account option

  • Now on the Clever Login Select Work or School account option.
  • It will open a “Get back into your account” page.

reset clever dpscd login password

  • On this page, fill in the details
  • Now please resolve the word captcha.
  • Go to the below “Next” button and click it.

Note: Please do not forget when you go to Clever Portal Select Your School because the account that you would use will be offered by the school only. It may not be personal.

Clever DPSCD Parents Login to access Clever Parents account?

If the parents of the student want to use their parent/guardian login at Clever Login Dps portal, then they must follow the below steps,

clever dpscd parents login

  • The parents now will have 3 options to choose from.
    • They can sign in with Google.
    • They can sign in with Apple
    • Or they can sign in by providing their email or contact number and password.
  • Now after choosing the right method, please click on Log In.
  • After that the parent page will open.
  • If you have lost the parent Clever login DSPCD password, then click this link –Reset your parent password.

Clever DPSCD Login Help

Many students or parents who try to login to the Clever DPSCD login credentials for parents or students, may face some issues or difficulties that will not easily go away. So if you are one of the users who cannot login to the portal, cannot get your password reset or cannot access it for any other reason, then you must use the below details for easily helping you out. You can contact the right authority to help you out and resolve any or all problems that you are having.

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I appreciate you all guys reading my article about Clever DPSCD login. I have tried my best to provide you with all the details about login at  In case you have any doubts or confusion about any step or any information, I request you to let me know about it. I am open to help you all out. In case you wish to ask me details about Clever DPSCD login, then you must use the comment section below.

I often read comments and try to answer the questions.


Is the DPSCD  Clever website safe? Does it protect my privacy?

If you are concerned about the privacy then you can read the Clever DPSCD privacy policy by clicking this link

Is there any other way to resolve the Clever Login Dps password issue?

The easier way to reset your password is to click open the Clever Login Select Your School and then proceed with the password reset.

There is another way to reset your password i.e. to send email on this ID [email protected] and share the troubles that you are going through.

Even after following the Microsoft online password reset process and email I cannot login to the system. Please help me out with the Clever Login DPSCD password reset.

It may happen that due to some trouble you cannot reset your password by following the normal steps. So in that case, you can take help from your teacher.

Your teacher can generate a backup code that would help you access Student Portal Detroitk12. But make sure you provide theClever Dps Login code at the right time because it may expire within just 15 minutes. So be quick.

Website for entering the Backup code –Link. Here you have to enter the code that your teacher gives you and then click on Log In option.

What is the Clever Portal Hcps? Is it another name for Clever Login Detroit?

Hcps Clever Login is different and it is for Hillsborough County Public Schools. It will require the Clever Student Login Hcps credentials that are given by the HCPS.

Which is the best browser to open the Dps Clever Login – Clever/In/Dps website?

You can use any browser that supports all the latest technology and HTML to open the Clever Dpscd Student Login website. Some older browser may not support Dpscdclever website.

The Clever.Dpscd page does not load on my device. It says “the page isn’t working”.

How can I login to the Clever Login Issaquah portal?

Please click this Link and it will open Clever Login Issaquah School DSisportal. Now please enter your credentials.

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