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Cerritos Canvas Login Portal 2021 – Canvas offers students, teachers and parents a singular, easy to use system with improved organization, accessibility features, teacher collaboration, students assessments, progress monitoring, and usage analytics. Cerritos College collaborate with Canvas for Cerritos Canvas program.

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Cerritos Canvas – About Cerritos College

Cerritos College was founded in 1955, Cerritos College is one of the top community colleges in Los Angeles County offering comprehensive, high-quality, affordable education and career training. We are one of the five largest community colleges in Los Angeles County.

Cerritos Canvas Login

Cerritos Canvas
Cerritos Canvas

Students, by default, login to Canvas using your 7-digit student number and your date of birth (MMDDYYYY). For instance if you were born Jan 5, 1987 your password would be 01051987. Additionally, students will not be able to login unless enrolled in a course and if enrolled will not be able to login until about a week before the class begins. If you are on the wait list you will not have access until officially in the class. Once added to a class it can take up to 24hrs to have access in Canvas. For additional assistance you may contact [email protected]

Cerritos Campus Portal Login – Cerritos Portal

Students will not be able to log in until officially enrolled in a course.
• Enrolled students will not have access to Canvas until the week before class begins.
• Wait listed students will not have access until they are added to the class. On added it can take up to 24hrs to gain access to Canvas.

Go to the Cerritos College home page and follow the steps below:

Cerritos Canvas
Cerritos Canvas

STEP 1: Select “quick links.” Then select the “Canvas” link.
STEP 2: You are directed to the Cerritos Campus Portal. Enter your student number your username. This is usually a 7-digit number issued to you by Cerritos College.
STEP 3: Below the username enter your 8-digit date of birth for the password in the form of MMDDYYYY. For example, 01081994 for January 8, 1994.
STEP 4: You are now in Canvas and will find all your courses listed in your dashboard.
STEP 5: Click on your course to access your class content.

(Month, Day, Year)

When logging in for the first time, students should enroll a mobile number, a personal email address, and create challenge answers so they can conveniently reset their password or unlock their account using the “User Self-Service” option at https://portal.cerritos.edu 

Cerritos Canvas Forgot Password

For students, the default password for their account is their 8 character date of birth in this format: MMDDYYYY

If you DON’T know the password to your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://portal.cerritos.edu 
  2. Click “User Self-Service
  3. Enter your username. If you are a student, your username will be your Student ID number.
  4. Select “Reset Forgotten Password
  5. You have two options:
  • If you know the answers to the challenge questions you set up, select “3 Challenge Answers” to reset your password.
  • If you have a mobile phone number registered with your account, select “One Time Passcode.” Enter the password sent to you mobile phone reset your password.

If the text message has not arrived, click on the link “Select a different option for a One Time Passcode” to see all of the options available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions – Cerritos Canvas

  • How to change your mobile number and How to customize the default one-time passcode
  1. Log in to https://portal.cerritos.edu 
  2. In the top right corner click “Manage Your Account Settings
  3. Click on “Registered Phones
  4. Click on “Add new phone,” enter your mobile phone number in the prompt, and click Continue. You can also remove any old phones at this screen by pressing the “remove” button.
  5. Enter your One Time Passcode and click Continue. The One Time Passcode may take a few minutes to arrive. Be patient.
  6. You will get a popup. Click “Refresh the account management page” to refresh your configuration.
  • Email contacts for common problems.
  • Faculty and staff Help desk support, classroom AV, or issues related to your any campus computer:
  • Problems with PeopleSoft or MyCerritos:
    • PSHelpDesk @cerritos.edu
  • Faculty or Employees reporting problems with Canvas:
    • TNFacultyHelp @cerritos.edu
  • Students reporting problems with Canvas:
    • TNStudentHelp @cerritos.edu

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