Carters Credit Card Login, Bill Payment & Customer Service Guide

If you have a Carter’s Credit Card and do not know how to log in and make a credit card bill payment, then read all the details I have written in this article about Carters Credit Card Login Payment.

Carter’s is a popular retailer that provides clothing for babies and children. You can go with your children to the store and get different kinds of clothes that you want. Like most other retailers, Carter’s offers a store credit card with fantastic perks and benefits. You can use this card at any Carter’s retail store and get clothing for lower prices.

carter's credit card

If you already have a credit card, let me help you with Carters Credit Card Login and explain different payment methods.

I will try to simplify all the steps so that you face no issues at the time of login, making payment, or contacting the customer support team.

What is Carters Credit Card Login?

With Carters Credit Card Login credentials, you can access your credit card account online. You need to open the Comenity Carters page to log in and access your account using this link –

On the above page, you have to input your Carter’s Login username and the password you created at the time of Carter’s Credit Card registration.

Please read the next point if you have not finished the steps of registration yet.

How to Register for Carters Credit Card Login?

The below steps will ensure that you successfully create your Carter Credit Card Login account.

click on register now in carters credit card website

carters credit card account registration

  •  Please enter the details of your Carters Credit Card account number.
  • After that, please enter the details of your Zip Code.
  • Choose SIN, TIN, or SSN with the last four digits.
  • Now click the option “Find My Account.”
  • Follow the next steps after registering your Carter’s Credit Card Login account.
  • Your registration will be complete.

How to Apply for a Carters Credit Card?

After applying for the credit card, you unlock all the benefits and perks on the store’s clothing for your kids. Please refer to the below steps,

click on apply in carters credit card website

  • Click on the – “Apply” button.

apply for carters credit card

  • Please enter the details, like your email and password, in the blank.
  • If you have completed the registration, choose the “Sign In & Apply Now” option.
  • If you did not register, choose “Create an account & Apply Now.”

What are the Benefits of Carters Credit Card?

You must be aware of some of the benefits of credit cards, but here I am explaining them.

  • On every $1 you spend, you will get 1 point if you are a member and 2 points if you are a cardholder.
  • For 150 points, you will get a $10 reward.
  • There are surprise point perks that will give you 2 points for $1 spent during double benefit days, and during triple benefit days, you will get 3 points for $1 spent.
  • There will be a 1x bonus every year; for three years; you can get a 3x bonus.
  • With your Carter’s Credit Card, you will get a chance of Free Shipping.
  • You can save while shopping, like 30%, on your first purchase using credit card.
  • There are many other remarkable benefits of having this credit card.

Carters Credit Card Login Requirements?

  • Valid Carters Credit Card Login details, i.e., username and password.
  • Wi-Fi or Internet with good speed.
  • Official Comenity Carters website address for login.
  • Smartphone or a Computer with the latest browser to connect to the website.

How to Log in to Carters Credit Card Login Account?

Logging into your Carter’s Credit Card account is very simple. You will need a few seconds to log in to your account.

  • Open this Carters Credit Card Login website –

click on sign in carters card website

  • Click on “Sign In
  • It will load a page for sign-in.

carters credit card account login

  • Please provide your username and official login password.
  • Now click the button below for Sign In.

How to Make a Carters Credit Card Payment using Online Method?

If you are looking for an easy Carters Payment method for your credit card bill, then this online method will help you. This method allows you to log in to your account and make payments quickly.

  • First, you must log in to your account online using this link –
  • Then once you log in to your account, go to the “payment” section.
  • Now enter the details of your bill amount and then Pay Carter’s Credit Card bill.

How to Pay Carter’s Credit Card Bill using via Mail ?

To pay your bill using the traditional mail method, you must send mail to Comenity Capital Bank’s official bill payment address. You must include your bill details and send a money order or a check. With the Mail method, you cannot send a cash amount.

Ready your postcard or mail and send it to this address,

  • Comenity Capital Bank
  • P.O. Box – 183003
  • Columbus, OH 43218 3003

Choosing a standard mail method and sending your bill amount to the address will take more time than the online method, which is why you should choose the online bill payment method over this. But if you are sending your email, send it at least a week or ten days ago.

Pay Carter’s Credit Card bill via Phone

You can complete the Carters Pay Bill by calling this number 1.877.563.5767, and then follow the automated process. The number will guide you to pay the expedited bill on your credit card. But if you take the service by using this number, it may cost you around $15.

What are the Fees or Penalties for Late Bill Payment?

If you pay your bills late, you will incur some penalty in the form of additional costs or fees. The late fee is decided by the company only. So you must comply with the payment rules and timings. If you pay the bills on its due date, you will incur no huge interest or penalty.

Carters Comenity Bank would charge a $30 late fee if you could not make payment during the past six cycles. If you always pay late fees, you will have to pay $41, which is more than the usual late fee.

Carter’s Credit Card Help and Support

We have tried to cover each piece of information regarding Carters Credit Card Payment and Carters Card Login, and in this section, we are providing you the Carters Credit Card Phone Number. It will help you reach out to them if you have doubts.

  • Carter’s Credit Card Inquiry Phone Number: 1-877-563-5767.
  • Carter’s Credit Card Payment’s Official Address:

Carter’s Credit card. P.O Box 659820 San Antonio, TX 78265.

  • TTD/TTY Dial – 1-888-819-1918
  • Customer Care Address:

Comenity Capital Bank, P O Box 183003, Columbus, OH 43218 3003.


I want to increase the Carters Pay My Bill limit; what should I do?

You may call 1.877.563.5767 and ask for the same.

I am receiving Carters Card marketing emails; I don’t want them.

While registering for the Carters Comenity Bank, you agreed to terms and conditions. One of the conditions was to receive the email updates; you can change your email preferences by visiting on this site.

Can I change Carters Make A Payment due date?

Currently, Carters do not have such a facility to change the due date, sorry.

Carters Bill Pay is due today. Can I make a payment today? Will it be cleared today?

Make sure you make a payment before 5:00 Eastern Time; on the due date, it will be processed.

Carters payment – online has any charges?

No, there are no charges for Carter Bill Payment.


Carter’s Comenity Bank online login page allows you to easily use your Carters Credit Card Login on this link – Carters Card will provide the best shopping experience for buying clothes for your kids. This will make your kids and yourself happier when you get the exact item at lower prices.

But please always check your limit and keep in mind the due bill payment. If you cannot pay your bills on time, then there will be some penalties or late fees that you have to pay.

Sometimes you might face issues with Carters Credit Card Login or paying bills online, so you can contact the customer support team to help you out with any issues you have.

If you want to know anything from me, I will try my best to help you. Please reach me using comments.

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