Can You Print Documents at Walgreens?

Document printing is an integral part of every professional field. Want to find a printing service near me? Here your search ends as Walgreens is one of the best places. Most people choose Walgreens as it is known to be a convenient service provider whose main motive is to offer their clients high-quality printing services at a genuine rate.

Walgreens printing offers a variety of services. Even it is known to accept a specific format of the file only. We will discuss Walgreen pharmacy in detail here.

About Walgreens

Walgreen is known to be the second largest pharmacy retailer in China. Its inauguration started in 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. The Walgreens document printing is of high quality and at a genuine rate.

Even for people searching for job opportunities joining Walgreen pharmacy will be a good option. When people visit the store of Walgreen pharmacy, they will get all detail related to health and wellness.

Benefits of Walgreen Pharmacy

When a person thinks of printing a document, a major question that strikes his mind is, where can I print documents near me? In this case, Walgreen pharmacy is your best option. Employees who are working at Walgreen pharmacy will get several benefits that are unbelievable. When they deal with the platform, certain facts will become common.

  • Health benefits are available for employees that include general medical, dental, and optical orthodontic coverage.
  • Walgreen even offers financial benefits to eligible team members. If a person works in the company for 1 complete year, they will be eligible for various benefits like budgeting, estate planning, and debt management.
  • Having admission to Walgreen will offer training options to their employees. It will create opportunities for people.
  • Walgreen is a high-level pharmacy that helps manage work and life, leading to future prospects.

How to Print Documents at Walgreens?

Do most users have thought about where I can print documents? The answer is Walgreen Pharmacy. Various services are available at Walgreen; one of the reliable ones is the printing and processing option.

You can easily print documents on Walgreens and get them uploaded on required web pages. Users get the option of printing the file on the size of the page as per their requirement.

The option of colour and black and white printing options is available at Walgreens. All the types of files like PDF and JPG get printed here.

How to Get The Printing of Documents Done At Walgreen?

The process of printing at Walgreen is quick and easy. With just the fulfilment of some basic steps, you can get printing of documents on Walgreen quickly and perfectly. A person can quickly scan photos at Walgreens. Let’s have a look at some steps:

  • There are various forms of printing services that the platform offers. Ensure you go through all options and choose the one you wish to have.
  • Now it’s time to select the file format that you want to have in your documents. Mainly Walgreen offers PDF, JPG, and TIF as the formats of files.
  • Choose a reliable paper size in which the file will be printed in the required size.
  • Now enter the number of copies you want of Walgreens photo processing online.
  • Double-side printing, single-side printing, low-quality printing, and high-quality printing are various options for printing available. You can analyze adequately and go for one based on your requirement.
  • Here the document is entirely ready for printing near me.

Can You Send a Fax to Walgreens?

Currently, this facility is unavailable, but as time passes, the pharmacy will surely add this feature to offer convenient services to clients.

Is The Facility of Document Lamination Available At Walgreen?

No, there is no facility for the Lamination of printed documents on Walgreen, which is a drawback for the platform. If it offers this facility, users can have the printed documents safe for an extended period. Users will get the option of Walgreens poster printing.

How Much Does It Cost to Print Documents at Walgreen?

There is generally a variation in the cost of document printing near me at Walgreen. Several factors like the form of printing, sheet used in printing, and quality of printing will affect the estimation of cost.

Even the volume of paper that you are getting printed will affect on discounts you will get. If you order document printing at Walgreens in bulk, the overall cost of printing will be reduced. Let’s have a look at the idea of choosing black and white printing without binding and on the single side.

Number of sheets 8.5*11 8.5*14
1-99 $0.25 $0.30
100-499 $0.22 $0.27
500-999 $0.21 $0.25
1000+ $0.20 $0.24

What Types of Files Walgreen Accept for Printing?

There are various forms of files supported by Walgreen Pharmacy.

  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Microsoft word (.doc & .docx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls& .xlsx)
  • Wordpad (.rtf)
  • Notepad (.txt)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt& .pptx)

What is The Time Taken To Complete Document Printing at Walgreen?

The choice is in the hand of a person applying for Walgreen prints. He can choose the time at which he wants delivery to be completed. The platform generally offers a same-day pickup option and delivery within 3 to 5 business days. 

If you want a same-day pickup, ensure that you go through all the company rules related to your location in advance.

What Can You Print At Walgreens?

Walgreen offers a list of options, including various sizes, types, and formats. There is variation in Walgreen’s same-day photo locations:

  • Paper Type: 32lb laser and 40 lb silk
  • Paper sizes: 8.5*11 and 8.5*14
  • Upto 25 stapled sheets
  • 2 or 3-hole punch
  • Walgreens print option is available like double side and black and white colour option.

Types of Binding Offered at Walgreen

Besides color copies near me, Walgreen offers clients various binding services. Let’s have a look at various binding available:

  • Coil Binding 
  • Comb Binding
  • Tape Binding
  • Thermal Binding

The binding option available for you will be defined based on several factors. The number of pages and personal preferences are various factors that help in selecting. 

Can Walgreen Print Papers From My Phone?

Yes, Walgreen prints papers from your phone and a person can download the application on their phone and get the work completed on time. The Walgreens print documents are so high quality that even without the feature of fax, people choose it as a printing platform.


Walgreens is a platform that offers the facility to print documents near me to people. They make use of an easy procedure that completes the printing process. The selection is you choose which option you select to get quality results. With time you will get genuine services.


Is Walgreen A Good Option For Printing?

Walgreen is a good option for printing, and it is the best document printing near me. A variety of printing is available for people, and you can choose the best option.

What Kind Of Printing Does Walgreen Do?

Walgreen is a platform that offers different types of printing that involve single or double side printing. Even the option of color and black and white printing is available on print services near me.

What Is The Size Of Printing That Walgreen Offers?

The Walgreens photo large prints are also available for people who can choose sizes based on their requirements.

Is Onlinepdf Printing Service Available at Walgreen?

It is a pharmacy that offers its clients genuine online printing services at an affordable rate. A person can quickly get Walgreens photo email address on an online site.

Where Can I Print Something Within 24 Hours?

Walgreen is a platform where I can print something 24 hours when a person feels like they can get the document printed.

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