Bojangles Breakfast Hours 2022 ❤️ Bojangles Breakfast Menu with Prices

Is Bojangles on your breakfast list? This popular fast food restaurant is known for its delicious fried chicken and biscuits. The Bojangles breakfast menu offers several choices but is more affordable than most other restaurants.

In general, it can be found in the country’s southeast region. The Bojangles’ fast-food chain was founded in 1977 in Charlotte, North Carolina after its owners heard the song “Mr. Bojangles” on the radio. The chain has grown to 335 locations.

Bojangles serves Cajun-style biscuits and fried chicken, and you will find a lot of Cajun recipes there. Over the years, Bojangle’s restaurants have expanded to various parts of the world, including Columbia, Jamaica, Mexico, Ireland, and China.

Let’s find out what Bojangles Breakfast Hours are.

The Bojangles Restaurant Chain

bojangles restaurant chain

Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas founded Bojangles in 1977, one of the biggest fast-food chains in the country. They specialize in fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits, and cajun seasoning. Bojangles operates over 600 restaurants across the US, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Ireland, and China.

Bojangles Breakfast Hours 2022

During Bojangles breakfast hours, customers are always available throughout the day, as Bojangles is renowned for its delicious breakfast

When does Bojangles start serving breakfast?

The Bojangles restaurant provides breakfast at 5:30 in the morning as a standard practice.

What time does Bojangles Stop Serving Breakfast?

what time does bojangles stop serving breakfast

If you wonder ‘when does Bojangles stop serving breakfast‘, Bojangles continues to serve food and Bojangles breakfast time is until 10:00 p.m., when the restaurant closes its doors for the night.

What time does Bojangles open on Holidays?

The Bojangles restaurant is open on several different holidays throughout the year.

  • New Years Day
  • Presidents Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Valentines Day
  • Good Friday
  • Patrick’s Day
  • Mothers Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday
  • New Years Eve

Holidays When Bojangles is Closed

A few holidays are observed by Bojangles every year, and the store remains closed on most of them. Two of the most important holidays are:

  • Easter Sunday
  • Christmas Day

Weekend breakfast hours at Bojangles

It is also Bojangles’ practice to serve breakfast on the weekends from dawn until dusk, just as it does during the week.

When it comes to bojangles breakfast hours, Bojangles offers its breakfast menu every Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 am until closing time. Like every other day, the store closes at 10:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

what is on bojangles breakfast menu

During Bojangles breakfast hours, you can feast on delicious food. You can get a whole bunch of breakfast foods at Bojangles’, and there’s also a side dish called Fixin you can buy for an extra charge besides the main dish and drink.

bojangles breakfast menu

Food Size Price
Boneless Chicken
4 Pc. Supremes Combo with Biscuit, Choice of Fixin’, and Drink $6.29
4 Pc. Homestyle Tenders Combo with Biscuit, Choice of Fixin’, and Drink $6.29
Roasted Chicken Bites Combo with Biscuit, Choice of Fixin’, and Drink $5.99
12 Pc. Homestyle Tenders Box with 4 Biscuits $15.39
12 Pc. Supremes Tailgate Special with 4 Biscuits $20.39
Chicken Rice Bowl $5.39
12 Pc. Supremes Box with 4 Biscuits $15.39


Food Size Price
Cajun Filet Biscuit – Combo $5.39
Cajun Filet Biscuit $3.29
Country Ham & Egg – Combo $4.79
Country Ham & Egg $2.99
Country Ham – Combo $4.29
Country Ham $2.39
Bacon, Egg & Cheese – Combo $4.49


Food Size Price
Bo-Tato Rounds Small $1.49
Bo-Tato Rounds Medium $1.69
Bo-Tato Rounds Picnic $2.79
Picnic Grits $1.49


Food Size Price
Dinners Serve with Biscuit
2 Pc. Leg & Thigh (with 1 Fixin’) $5.19
2 Pc. Leg & Thigh (with 2 Fixin’s) $5.89
2 Pc. Breast & Wing (with 1 Fixin’) $6.19
2 Pc. Breast & Wing (with 2 Fixin’s) $6.89
3 Pc. Leg & 2 Thighs (with 1 Fixin’) $5.79
3 Pc. Leg & 2 Thighs (with 2 Fixin’s) $6.49
1 Breast Dinner (with 1 Fixin’) $4.89
1 Breast Dinner (with 2 Fixin’s) $5.59
2 Breast Dinner (with 1 Fixin’) $6.79
2 Breast Dinner (with 2 Fixin’s) $7.49

There are also Fixin’s & Fries, Salads & Wraps, Sweet Biscuits & More, Kids’ Meal, Family Meal, and Boxes and Beverages to choose from.

Signature breakfast foods from Bojangles.’

bojangles signature breakfast food

Apart from Bojangles’ traditional menu, they also offer the following items:

  • Cajun Filet Biscuit: There’s nothing like a spicy Cajun Filet Biscuit to wake up to in the morning, and Bojangles serves these all day long, which is a good thing.
  • Bo-Tato Rounds: The Bo-Tato Rounds are one of the kids’ favorites at Bojangles’. They provide the perfect combination of warmth and filling.
  • Steak Biscuit: Steak biscuits from Bojangles are a great early morning treat. There’s juicy steak and homemade biscuits on the plate.
  • Country Ham and Egg Biscuit: The only thing better than smoky ham and buttermilk biscuits is homemade ham and biscuits.

Bojangles’ breakfast price

You can get a high-quality meal at Bojangles for a very budget-friendly price. In one visit, an individual will spend about seven dollars, which includes a medium Bo-Tato Round and a biscuit. Depending on your choice, biscuits, fries, and Bo-Tato rounds can change the price.

The Bo-Tato Rounds are deep-fried mini potato hash browns with a hint of onion. It costs about $1.49 for a small Bo-Tato, and there’s a medium serving for $1.69. A picnic serving of Bo-Tato Rounds is $2.79. It will help if you try them.

The Egg and Cheese Biscuits, Sausage Biscuits, and Gravy Biscuits cost under $2. Biscuits under $3 include Country Ham and Egg biscuits, Country Ham, Sausage and Egg biscuits, Bacon Egg and Cheese biscuits, and Steak biscuits. Their signature Cajun Filet Biscuit is only $3.39.

Served in small, medium, and picnic sizes, Bojangles’ fries come in three sizes. The small size comes with seasoned fries and costs about $1.59; a medium size costs $1.99 and $3.19 for the picnic size. Apart from their breakfast items, the price of their fried chicken runs from $5 to $7.

The customer service at Bojangles’

You can get in touch with Bojangles quickly, and they’re always available. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them at 1-800-366-9921.


Can you get lunch at Bojangles during breakfast?

It depends on your local restaurant if lunch items are available during breakfast. Some places have the whole menu available 24/7, while others have Bojangles lunch hours are available only after 10:30 a.m.

Is there anything special about Bojangles?

The two main things that differentiate Bojangles from other fast-food chicken restaurants are the chicken and the biscuits. There’s nothing like Bojangle’s fry chicken for a fast-food meal that’s reliable and spicy.

What makes Bojangles biscuits different?

A fast-food chain called Bojangles Famous Chicken n’ Biscuits makes buttermilk biscuits and cajun-fried chicken. Charlotte, North Carolina, was home to the first Bojangles in 1977.

Does Bojangles have breakfast all day?

If you wonder ‘Does Bojangles have all day breakfast‘, you can eat your breakfast anytime at Bojangles. Their biscuit sandwiches include:

  • Chicken files.
  • Spiced meats and sausages.
  • Country eggs.
  • Ham and cheese.
  • Sweet biscuits like Bo-Berry Biscuits.

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