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Azpeople Autozone Login is a self-service employee-friendly portal that helps people working at Autozone to get all the details. With the Azpeople portal, the employees can check their paystub, direct deposit access, W2 forms, insurance-related benefits and work schedule details.

If you cannot access the employee self-service portal of AutoZone AutoParts Company, Let me help you resolve the issues you are facing with the Azpeople Autozone Login portal.

azpeople autozone login portal

Before we jump into the Autozone Employee Login process, you must know about its benefits, requirements and registration process. You can read all these instructions and steps in this article. So be ready to know all the exciting points related to portal.

What is Azpeople Autozone Login?

The Azpeople Login is a secure way to connect with Autozone Employee Portal and for that you have to keep the login credentials safer with you. The online self-service portals are always easy to operate. Any employee with no experience with the company and its operations can find all the details on this portal.

With Azpeople Login, the management does not have to worry about giving instructions and updates through a chain of people in the hierarchy. The task of everyone becomes simple by using the portal.

Benefits of Azpeople Login

  • Azpeople Self Service helps the employees to view their work schedules.
  • The employees can access W2 Form at any time they want.
  • You will find leave information like four paid leaves and three floaters.
  • You get a discount given by the company.
  • Access Autozone Paycheck and Payroll related details.
  • Find your insurance details like vision, dental, life, and others.
  • Get all the reminders about training, coaching, medication, etc.
  • Check your digital discount card.
  • Employees get secure access to the portal.

So, here are the Auto Zone Benefits you can get using your login details.

How to Register an Account at Azpeople Autozone Login Portal

To get all the best Autozone Employee Benefits, you must access the portal. Please sign up for an AZPeople portal using the following steps,

  • Open the ignition Autozone portal at

click on activate account in azpeople portal

  • On this ignition password self-service page, click “Activate Account“.
  • Now you must enter the requested details in the boxes.

azpeople autozone account registration

  • Start by adding your Ignition ID or Employee ID.
  • Then provide your Last Name.
  • After that, you have to provide your secret code.
  • Your secret code combines the four last digits of your SSN and your birth year’s four digits.
  • Once you have added these details, click on “Activate“.
  • After clicking the button for activation, you will get your Autozone Sign-In details to use on the AZPeople portal.

How to Access Azpeople Login at

If you have created your Autozone Com Login AZPeople account, you must now log in to the portal to access the benefits.

  • Open the portal and click on current autozoner for Azpeople Login.

click on current autozoner in azpeople login page

  • On the page of Autozoner Login, you must enter your Ignition ID.
  • Then add your secure password.

login to azpeople account

  • Click on the Log In button below.

How to Reset Azpeople Login Password

If you lost the login details, especially your password, you must reset it to access the Azpeople Autozone Login Self Service portal.

  • Open the Azpeople Self Service portal at

azpeople login forgot password

  • Open the link “Forgot Password?

click on recover account in autozone employee portal

  • Now click the “Recover Account” button.

reset azpeople login password

  • Here you must enter your Ignition Username or Employee ID.
  • Then provide your last name in the box.
  • Click to search.
  • Now once you find it, do as per the instructions.

How to Activate AZPeople Account for Former Employee

click on former autozoner

  • Click “Former AutoZoner“.

azpeople former employee login

  • Now click on the “Login” button below the title “First Time User? Click Here
  • Then click the “Create Account” Button.
  • It will load a Create Your Account page on your screen.
  • Please go below and click – “I have a Registration Code” option.
  • Now you must enter the Registration code.
  • Then Continue.
  • After that, provide Identity-Info, Contact info and Create account steps.
  • After completion, you will get an email.
  • Finally, complete the steps of the AZPeople Login portal and activate your account to access the documents, forms or paychecks.

Azpeople Login Help and Support Details

If you cannot fix the issues, you can contact the customer support team to help you out. For getting in touch with the team, please use the following details,

  • Human Resources Contact: 800-288-6966
  • Report Your Login Issues: 901-495-7777
  • Official Login Website: Click Here
  • For AZPeople Password Reset: Click Here
  • To Recover Your Account: Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I logged out of the Azpeople Login portal?

The portal follows an Idle Time of 4 minutes. So, if you do not do any activity until the next 4 minutes on the portal, you will be logged out for security purposes. Then you can log in with your Azpeople Login details one more time.

Who can access the AZPeople portal?

Only authorized individuals or subsidiaries working with Autozone Inc. can access the official Az People portal and all its resources. If you are not an authorized employee or entity to use the portal, then you must immediately leave this portal.

Does the company have Autozone Az People Application I can download on my mobile?

There is an AutoZoner app that you can download on your mobile device using this link – Click Here. Download the application and start the process of login. You will get benefits from the Az People Autozone website. You can check your Autozone Payroll details and all the other benefits.


Azpeople Login helps the employee make their work much more manageable. When every single function is available on a single portal, employees have to struggle less and less to find the relevant details they seek.

All the employees want to see their payment-related details, their holiday timing, leave slots available, possible benefits from insurance and their profile. They can update their profile if they change their residential or other details. It becomes a personal space where the employees can go, just like any social media application and spend some time there.

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