Auburn canvas Login – Complete Guide to Canvas Auburn 2021

Auburn canvas Login – Canvas is Auburn’s LMS or Learning Management System for Students and Faculty.  Canvas is managed by the Biggio Center. which provides instructors and students with a web-based home for each of their courses. Course content and materials, including syllabi, lecture notes or slides, files and links to external sources, and audio-video content can be made available to students in a secure environment. Canvas also allows instructors to easily communicate with their students, deliver assignments and quizzes online, allows for online submission of student assignments, conduct online discussions, and more.

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Auburn canvas Login – Auburn canvas Portal

Auburn canvas Login
Auburn canvas Login
  • Open a web browser and visit
  • Login to MyAccount using your current AU credentials and pressing the Log In button.
  • Visit Auburn Canvas Portal

Auburn canvas Forgot Password – Canvas Auburn Login

Auburn canvas Login
Auburn canvas Forgot Password
  • Open a web browser and visit
  • On Login to MyAccount Click Forgot Password.
  • Provide username and Banner ID
  • Click Next – Then Create a password.

How to Change Your Password

Changing your password.

Updating your Alternate Email Address and Security Questions and Answers.

  • Click the MyAccount link in the orange bar to return to the main MyAccount screen.
  • Click Update Alternate Email Address.  Enter a secondary contact address to receive confirmation messages at that address. 
    Note:  Your Auburn email is not forwarded to this address.
  • Click Update.You will see a confirmation that your alternate address was successfully changed.
  • Click the MyAccount navigation link again.
  • Click Update Security Questions & Answers. Select at least five (5) questions from the drop-down lists and answer each question in the appropriate fields.  If you forget your password, these questions will be used to verify your identity.
  • Click Update.You will see confirmation that your security questions and answers have been updated.
  • Click Logout.

Auburn Canvas Dashboard

Auburn canvas Login
Auburn canvas Dashboard

Canvas is Auburn University’s LMS providing a secure, accessible, and adaptable learning platform for their electronic coursework.

Canvas is currently managed by Biggio Center.

Canvas is an online learning management system (LMS) created by Instructure. Its features include a robust interface, an intelligent course calendar, course notifications, easy online submission for assignments, and easy-to-use communication tools. It also features a simple dashboard that provides a comprehensive overview of all your classes, a what-if grade calculator, and mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Auburn Canvas Help

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