At&t Universal Card Login at

AT&T Universal Card Login –

If you own a UniversalCard  and are trying to use the URL of the website – link for At&T Universal Card Login. Here we are going to provide you necessary information about the At&T Universal Card and its login procedure.

To successfully login your ATT Universal Card, you need to understand about all of its aspects first. The more you learn and understand about the At&T Universal Card, the less troubles you have while login into the official portal link. You will get to know what the Universal Card is and how the Universal Card Login works for you.

We offer you the perfect guide about the At&T Universal that is going to explain about the company, the Universalcard.Com login procedure and the contact information that you will require in case you cannot reset your password or face some technical problem. 

What is At&t Universal Card?

At&T Universal Card can be handled by a portal – which helps the users of the card to manage their At&t Universal account with the Universal Card Login.

what is at&t universal card

The ATT Universal Login lets you access information like current statements and previous statements, online bill payments on the Universal ATT, get the details about the account’s summary, control and monitor all the UniversalCard account activities.

By using the system, you can take advantage of the benefits such as recurring payment automatic setup. By using this feature on the At&T Universal Card portal, you never have to worry about constantly being reminded about the payment and manually paying the bills of your UniversalCard.

Now you know all there is to know about the At&T Universal portal and card. So, let us start understanding about the portal – Let’s get going with the Att Universal Credit Card Login.

So what are the credentials used for the Universal Card Login?

At&t Universal Card Requirements

  • Official Universalcard Com website at
  • username along with At&T Universal Card Login -password
  • Website browser for opening ATTUuniversal website 
  • Smartphone, Desktop, Tablet, Laptop, or similar device
  • Best internet connection.

At&t Universal Card Login at

For a successful login on the Universalcard Com card, please execute these Universal Card Login  steps on the www universalcard com.

login to att universal card account

  • Now please fill in the blanks with ATT Universal Card Login – User ID first 
  • Then At&T Universal – login password.
  • Click on the button – Sign In.
  • Follow the instructions.

The ATT Universal Card Log In is just a few steps away so kindly follow every single steps without any trouble. While doing the Universalcard.Com Login registration, you will be asked for your SSN number, and Birth Date. Then a couple more ATT Universal Card Login details about ITIN and address and other points. 

How to Reset At&t Universal Card Login Password

Having Www Universalcard Com Login password safer with you is important. But if you lost it, then you need to reset it urgently. 

click on forgot password in att universal card portal

  • Now click on the – Forgot Password option for resetting ATT Universal Card password.

  • Now please select and follow options as per the image above.
  • Add your Debit or ATM card or Credit card number.
  • You will get your password reset within a short time after clicking continue.

At&t Universal Card Contact Information

Although we have provided you with all the At&T Universal Card Login details, if you face any issue while activating your At&T Universal Card, you may use the contact details provided below. These details will help you solve UniversalCard  related issues. 

  • Online support Via Telephone: 877.660.11.51
  • Customer service Number: 800.950.54.14

Mailing Address

Citibank Customer Service
PO Box -6500
Sioux Falls SD 57117

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So, this was all about At&T Universal. We have all the suggestions included here in this article related to the ATT Universal Login so let us know feedback.


Whom should I contact If I lost my card?

If you have lost your card, or if it has been stolen, immediately contact 1.800.950.5114.

Rate the customer service of Universal Card.

  • Call back availability: No 
  • Department which you are interacting with: Customer service 
  • Help desk timings: 24*7
  • Best time to call: 10:15 am 
  • Ranking in reaching them: 2nd 
  • Customer satisfaction rating: 89%
  • Quality of help: 94%
  • Upvotes for online help 62

Describe Universal Pay with points.

When you make any transaction at selected merchants you get the redeemable rewards points in exchange of your purchase made, these points can be redeemed or paid again to buy  something else, this is how we can best describe pay with points.

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