Aidvantage Login at – Complete Guide [2023]

Aidvantage Login helps students to help in managing their loans easily. After creating an account, the student can easily manage their account and check the details about their loans. The Department of Education of US has all the information about the loans and informs the students about the payment period and other important updates through the Aidvantage system.

In this article, I will brief you about Aidvantage and how you can access your account online. I have also included the steps about the payment-related details that help you get all the updates through the official Federal Student Aid server.

Please read the below article carefully and make sure you follow all the steps in the right order.

What is Aidvantage?

what is aidvantage

The US government has started an initiative for a credit management unit that works for Maximum Education. Earlier, Navient was managing all the loans related to the Department of Education. Navient was one of the largest federal loan service providers, but now the government has decided to transfer the responsibility to Aidvantage, a division of Maximus Federal services. In October 2021, Navient announced that the US government had approved its proposal, and now the transfer of its loan servicing account will begin.

Aidvntage took over Navient when it ended its contact with the Education Department. If you have yet to pay full attention, you must read this article and learn more about the program for student loan forgiveness.

Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Student loans can shape the future of students, and therefore many consider them as an investment that gives benefits later. But if you do not manage the loan responsibly, it will result in complete misuse and disaster. If you are planning to take a student loan or already have a loan, you must know if you are eligible for a student loan forgiveness benefit.

How to Apply for Getting a Student Loan Waiver?

If you need help applying for a student loan waiver, you have to read the following steps. Please note that each student loan type forgiveness program is different. You must complete an application form and submit it to your lender to start the process. The forgiveness of student loans is a part of your repayment program. At maturity, your loans get automatically forgiven.

To learn more about loan forgiveness, please visit this link –

Aidvantage Navient Login Steps

You must use your credentials to access your Aidvantage Navient Login account. When you try to access your Navient account, then it will show you a balance of $0. Then, the screen will take time to load a new account on your screen. Please follow the below instructions to avoid any mistakes.

  • Open the official Aidvantage Student Loans Login page
  • Now locate the “Customer Login” option on the home page.

aidvantage account login

  • You must enter your User ID in the first blank on the login window.
  • After that, you have to add your Password in the following blank.
  • You can also enable the “Remember My User Id” option to keep you logged in for the session.
  • Please check and verify the added details in the blanks.
  • Once you are sure, please click the “Log In” button below.
  • Wait till you access your Aidvantage Student Loans account.

Note: The above process is for the users who already have their accounts. If you do not have your account, please click on the “Register” button and create your account.

How to Reset the Aidvantage Login Password?

While logging into your account, you must reset your login password if you face any problems remembering your Password. Please follow the steps below if you need to learn how to reset your password.

  • Open the Aidvantage official website by visiting this link.

click on forgot password in aidvantage login page

  • Now, click on the “Forgot Password” button.

reset aidvantage login password

  • Please enter your email to receive the password reset instructions
  • Within a short time, you will get the instructions on your screen.
  • Follow them and reset your Password.

Note: To recover your username, click “Forgot User ID”  and follow the steps.

Aidvantage Login Customer Support

If you cannot access your Navient Aidvantage account and are facing an issue, then you must know about the customer support details. Using the details below, you can easily fix any technical or other problems you are facing with the help of expert team members.

  • Official Aidvantage Student Loan Login website:
  • Contact Number: +1-800-722-1300
  • For International Callers: 317-806-0580
  • The official address for Credit payment

PO Box 9635,

PO Box 4450,
OR 97208-4450


After reading my article about Aidvantage Login, you must know how to access your account. It is easy to access your Aidvantage Navient account if you have the right credentials.

If you want to ask any additional questions, please comment so I can know.


How to apply for Aid using the FAFSA Form?

Open the website and click on the “Apply” button on the screen. Now you will open the “Complete the FAFSA Form” page. Please click the “Start Here” button under the “New to the FAFSA Process” option. Then, start filling out the form.

I am facing issues with resetting my Aidvantage Login password. Please help me.

You can dial the +1-800-722-1300 number and get help with the problem that you are facing.

When can I dial the customer support number?

You can dial +1-800-722-1300 number from Monday 8 AM to 11 PM. Tuesday to Friday, the time will be 8 AM to 8 PM. On Saturday, you have to call between 10 AM to 2 PM. Please follow Eastern Standard Time.

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