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Aainflight.com Login

Hello dear friends, are you attempting to login to the Aainflight.Com portal with your current Aainflight.com login credentials? If yes, and you need a complete guide on how to connect to Free WiFi, watch movies and use the official app, then you have found it.

I am going to explain all about the Aa-inflight and all the above features. I have a tendency to keep all my articles up to date with all the new information and therefore I am going to give you all the latest methods and top working links that would ensure a smooth login to the Aainflight.Com website.

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First of all, you should know that yes you can use Wifi on the AA Flights and yes some of the features of the WiFi are free and for others you will have to buy a pass by paying some amount. And there are many movies that you can stream and watch on your mobile devices like your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop.

In this article, you will find all the steps starting from login to password reset and using all the above features, so keep reading.

Aainflight.com Login Requirements?

  • Open valid URL – aaflightservice.aa.com
  • You must have a faster internet and device to connect with like mobile or PC.
  • You will need Aainflight.com login details like username and password.
  • Please use the updated version of the browser.

How to Aainflight.com Login – Step by Step Guide

Below steps are going to guide you to easily login to the working American Airlines website. Kindly use the following steps to access the Aa-inflight website for login.

aainflight.aa.com login

  • On this page, you will have to provide your AA ID in the first blank.
  • Then in the following blank, please type your Password accurately.
  • Now to complete the process go to the Login button below and click it.
  • Follow the next steps in the right order.

Note: Please enter the details carefully to not repeat the process over again.

How to Register to Aainflight.com Login Website?

Don’t have an American Airlines account? Please follow the below steps in order to create your new login details,

click on first time user in aainflight login page

  • The above page will open, now find the “First Time user?” button and click on it.
  • Please provide the details that you are asked on the following page.

click on register now in aainflight login page

  • If the page does not open. Please go below and click the “Register Now >” option.

register account at aainflight website

  • Within a short time, you will have your account ready.

Note: If you are unable to open the First Time User page or create an account you can contact the authority using the contact details that I have provided below.

How to Reset Aainflight.com Login Password

Losing a password is a very common thing especially when you cannot remember it all the time or you just cannot make out the right characters or numbers. At that time, you must not get confused. You need a perfect password reset guide to help you out. Please follow the next steps,

click on forgot password in aainflight website

  • On the Aainflight Com page, please go below and find “Forgot Password?”

reset aainflight.com login password

  • Now click that option. It will open the above page on your screen.
  • Please put your User Login details in the blanks.
  • Then click on the below “Next” button.

Note: You need to enter the 6 or 8 Digit of the AA User ID in the blank. It would be like 000123 / 000123456. Be careful while entering the number to enter the correct one.

Watch Aainflight.Com Free Movies on Smartphone or Tablet with Aainflight.Com Wifi

All entertainment offered by American Airlines is completely free. You can watch it using Aa-inflight Com Wifi login on any of the American Airlines flights. It is so simple just use your login user ID.

  • First download the Aainflight.Com App before the flight takes off.
  • Now turn off your mobile network by starting the Airplane Mode.
  • Then connect your device to the Aa-inflight Wifi signal.
  • It will automatically redirect you to Aainflight Entertainment.
  • If it does not redirect, then please open your device’s browser and enter the Aainflight.Com. (or enter aaflightservice.aa.com)
  • Now click that option. It will open the above page on your screen.
  • Choose View Free Entertainment option or you can click the Entertainment button, option or icon.
  • Now choose the movie or television show that you want to watch.
  • Enjoy!

How to Watch Aainflight.Com Movies for Free on Laptop using Aainflight.Com Wifi?

If you want to watch movies or television shows and get entertained on your Laptop, then you can enjoy all the entertainment for free using the https //www.aainflight.com movies option. Please follow these steps below,

  • First turn on your laptop.
  • Now find the Aa-inflight Wifi signal.
  • Connect using your login password.
  • You will be connected and redirected on the entertainment page.
  • If the page does not open automatically, please open your device’s browser and then type the address in the URL section Aainflight.Com (or aaflightservice.aa.com).
  • Now after login, choose the option View Free Entertainment or simply click on the Entertainment button.
  • Now choose the television shows or movies that you want to see.
  • Now enjoy them!

Aainflight.com Login Help and Contact Details

If you are trying to login and despite your efforts, you cannot do that, then you must surely take help from the technical team for any problem related to the Aaflightservice.aa.com or Aainflight.com login, then please use the provided contact details. If possible you could also ask one of the flight attendants or flight officers. You would get some idea about this or a quick solution.

  • Official American Airlines Login Website: Aaflightservice.aa.com
  • Contact Number: 800.222.2377
    • The line is available for 24 hours.

For any trouble related to AA.com, you have to just give a call and you will get all the technical support that you need.

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Next time when you travel to any of the American Airlines, please remember to read this blog once before enjoying the Free WiFi and Aainflight Entertainment such as movies and shows during your flight hours. You will get complete guidance. I assume you do not have any doubts related to Aainflight.com login and the official Aaflightservice.aa.com website.

I have discussed all the login steps, registration steps, password reset steps and also the steps about how to use the Free WiFI to connect to the movies and TV shows that entertain you during your flight hours.

In case you require more information about the topic or need more crucial details about the WiFi and related topic, please read our FAQs below.


Why couldn’t I watch any movies? I was able to connect to the WiFI but as the plane lifted off up high, I was not able to watch anything.

The reason you are not able to watch any entertainment shows and movies is because of height. As soon as the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet, then entertainment will not be accessible.

I am not able to access the https //www.aainflight.com wifi for enjoying Aainflight.Com Free Movies. Help me please.

The https //www.aainflight.com wifi login will not work because the website for login has changed. Click on this link to access the new one – Link.

Why am I not able to access https www aainflight com wifi? Is it the correct website?

The www AAinflight com is not the correct website. Many users face the “Aainflight.Com Not Working” issue and they cannot resolve it. But the correct website is the “Aaflightservice.aa.com“. Please use this website the next time you are trying to access the Aa-inflight Free Entertainment through the Aa Inflight Wifi Signal.

How must I connect to the Aainflight Com Entertainment?

To access the Aainflight Entertainment, you must use the WIFI offered by the flight and open the browser and open the official link Aaflightservice.aa.com. Do not open the other links as you will get the message “Aainflight Not Working”. Now once you connect you can start watching the Aainflight Movies

Does American Airlines offer a free Aa-inflight Entertainment App for movies?

Yes there is an American Airline Movie App which you can download. This American Airlines Inflight Wifi App is going to help you manage your travel and also help you book your seat, boarding pass and also help you access the maps of the airports. Not only this but you would also enjoy free entertainment on this Aainflight Com App.

Where to download the Aainflight App?

To download the smartphone application for Aaflightservice Login, please visit two of the below links and install the application on your devices.

Will I require an Aa Inflight Receipt before connecting to the Aaflightservice Com?

The Aa Inflight Receipts are very important for you to enjoy the food, WiFi and drinks among other regular purchases that you would do inflight. Without receipt you cannot access the basic facilities such as Aa Inflight Internet.

How To Connect To Aa Inflight Wifi on a tablet?

Before the plane takes off, please download the American Airlines App on your device. After the plane is in the air, please start the airplane mode. Now you must use the login code that is available to you and find the Aa-inflight Wifi Signal. Once you find the signal please connect to it on your tablet. Now you must be looking for AaInflightEntertainment option. So using the Aainflight Wifi, please open the Aaflightservice.aa.com website.

How to find the American Airlines Inflight Receipt?

  • To find the receipt, you must open the https://www.aa.com/receipts link.
  • Now you will have the Find Your Receipt page.
  • Please provide the necessary details like your Last Name in the first space.
  • Then type your Credit Card’s last 4 digits.
  • After that starting date and ending date range.
  • Finally click on Continue.

Does Aa-inflight charge any amount for using WiFI?

No. The WiFI services are free but if you are flying often then you must choose the WiFi Subscription plan of American Airlines. The plan starts from $49.95 / month. If you are connecting two different devices, then you must buy the $59.95 / month plan.

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